What is The Per year Average Salary of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer?

Artificial Intelligence has been gaining slow and steady recognition in the technology industry.

And if we go by the industry experts’ predictions, about 2.3 million jobs are predicted for artificial intelligence. predictions by the industry experts. In addition, LinkedIn’s recent report has reported as AI as one of the top 15 growing career prospects in the world at about 74% annual growth.

Considering the fact that AI has made its presence felt in almost all the sectors across all the industries it is not surprising to see an entry level certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer earn a handsome salary in six figures.

The competitive salaries of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer is because of the fact that there has been an ever-growing dependency of AI-driven innovations in the businesses resulting in the demand for certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer shooting the sky.

Salaries of a Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer

There are various factors on which the salaries of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer are based. The four broad categories on which a certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer’s salaries are based include

  • Years of experience in the industry
  • Roles that they perform
  • Diverse geographical locations
  • The top companies that hire the AI talent

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