Top Machine Learning Algorithms an Artificial Intelligence Expert Must-Know

Machine learning has become the tech du jour for technology professionals, especially in the present era where artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over the world.

After all, machine learning is the key driver that enabled self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, or an advanced understanding of the human genome.

Because of its expertise in making predictions just by observing past experiences, machine learning technology is now used by multiple industries. As an artificial intelligence expert, one needs to know different ML algorithms along with their purposes.

Let us take a tour and categorize the top machine learning algorithms you might need to master.

Logistic regression

Renowned algorithm ideal for estimating discrete values i.e. binary values, 0,1 taken from a set of independent variables. The algorithm helps predict any type of probability of any event, and this is done by simply fitting the data to a logic function, thus called the logit model.

The below-mentioned methods often help boost logistic regression models –

  • Eliminating features
  • Usage of the non-linear model
  • Interaction terms
  • Regularize techniques