Top influential AI skills to target in 2020

Artificial intelligence in 2020: a trustable year!

The AI market is deemed to reach USD70 billion in the present year, thus causing a drastic effect on the government market, consumer, enterprise globally.

With market uproars, it is certain obstacles are bound to intercept. However, the effects of artificial intelligence are poised to have huge potential in democratizing expensive services, or boost poor customer service, or assist during medical breakthroughs, and even lightened the work of the overburdened workforce.

If you’re a tech optimist who believes in creating a world where man and machine can come closer and work together with humans, then you better need to possess mandatory AI skills.

Based on this report, “2020 Workplace Learning Trends Report: The Skills of the Future,” you will come across how AI is reshaping the world and what are the skills that are a must-know for upcoming AI professionals.

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