Top AI Certifications That Will Improve Your Employability

AI, automation, and cognitive system development will be among the three dominating forces to control the lives of humans, and the fate of businesses, in the times to come. Especially AI, given the innovation and efficiency it has brought in to almost every sector of business. Today, we have AI-powered self-driving cars, customer assistance robots that leverage the power of AI, AI chatbots, and humanoids already existing. Tomorrow, we might see AI-empowered robot soldiers protecting the national boundaries from enemies and infiltrators.

As per Statista, the Artificial Intelligence market revenues, in 2018, amounted to USD 10 billion, which increased by a whopping 54% in 2019. China has been among the leading nations that are leveraging AI very effectively to grow its GDP, which is forecasted to rise by an overwhelming 26.1% by 2030.

Professional Certifications & Employability
Amid the intense competition in the global job markets for AI-specific jobs, skill proficiency has become the differentiating factor in the candidate-shortlisting criteria for the entry-level roles. Because AI jobs pay you handsomely, you are judged heavily on your industry-relevant skillset. And that’s why, being certified matters because recruiters do need some criterion to filter candidates out. In fact, certified individuals are better equipped to take on an AI job responsibility compared to their peers who are non-certified.

It’s definitely mindful to aspire for a rewarding AI career, but equally important is acquiring the requisite skillset, which, for AI jobs, happens to be extensive, as it demands knowledge of multiple subject domains. A few of such subjects would include mathematics, statistics, computer science, and coding. However, at present, it’s quite easy to gain industry-relevant knowledge in such subjects, as all the top AI certifications are available to be enrolled, online.

Top 5 AI Certifications That Will Boost Your Job-Readiness

#1. Stanford University’s Machine Learning AI Certification (Coursera)
Designed and drafted by Andrew Ng, a professor at Stanford, the certification has been praised by more than 1,680,000 students worldwide. The said certification program dwells in the core concepts of AI such as unsupervised learning, supervised learning, kernel, neural networks, and support vector machines.