The Quantum Machine Learning Hype

Tech giants, notably IBM and Google, recently proclaimed quantum supremacy.

The question is, will it change the world?

If quantum computers are here to solve complex problems, they will need quicker improvements.

Quantum Computers: What Are They?

Quantum computers are becoming the next frontiers demonstrating capabilities a traditional computer cannot solve.

Ever wondered how the term ‘quantum’ came into existence?

Quantum computing certainly works under the principle of quantum physics perform rapid calculations using qubits and quantum bits. A total contrast of what is present in the current traditional computers. A traditional classical computer works on classical physics and performs calculations using bits of all we know. But on the other hand, quantum computers can make calculations in split seconds. Wherein in the case of a classical computer, it may take tens of thousands of years to even perform such calculations.

From drug development to weather forecasts and stock trades, quantum computers will revolutionize everything. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise as to why the world is racing to build its first quantum computer.

Promises around quantum computing making strides in the medical field. As a result, it can enable AI specialists and AI professionals working in the field to gain maximum benefit from the technology.

Google Chasing the Quantum Computing Race

In October 2019, Google said in an article they have achieved quantum supremacy.

Sycamore, a 54-qubit processor, is said to perform a calculation within 200 seconds which would otherwise take 10,000 years for the world’s most powerful computer to achieve. The achievement was seen as a long-awaited milestone that was recently achieved.

In practical terms, quantum computers can be trained like a neural network. To be more specific, a trained circuit in the quantum computer can be used to identify the content of the images. This takes place encoding these images into a physical state and taking proper measurements.



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