The Middle East to Become the World’s Leading AI Hub

Mohammed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), the world’s first university dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) launched in October 2019 paves a new era of technological advancements in the UAE.

UAE’s Minister of State Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber says, “The Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) is an open invitation from Abu Dhabi to the world to unleash AI’s full potential.”

Precisely, State Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber happens to be appointed as one of the board of trustees at the university.

The Present

Ever since the announcement about dedicating he world’s first university to AI, the year 2020 projects to be a great year in making its move toward becoming the global tech hub. This also means that job opportunities for AI experts and AI engineers will increase. Conclusions can be made post-pandemic.

Besides the university, an innovative startup named Derq received funding to make way for AI by building smarter and safer cars and roads in the UAE.

A 24/7 real-time view of the road system is to be developed based on which they can be able to use AI to eliminate crashes and make predictions about the accident blackspots.

Other AI deployment in the UAE include:

  • Minimize chronic disease diagnosed in the healthcare sector.
  • AI deployment in customer service in the banking sector.
  • Reduce operational costs for transport.
  • Assist retailers with their predictions on improving sales.
  • Boost drilling production in oil and gas.

By 2030, the UAE is predicted to become the leading AI hub. Also, a report by PwC says, AI is bound to be worth USD 320 billion by the end of 2030, accountable for 13.6 percent of the GDP, which is followed by Saudi Arabia with 12.5 percent.

For a region that’s already oil-rich, such forecasts can be overwhelming thus making a huge contribution to the economy.

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