The Impact of AI on the Way We Work

We’re living in the age of artificial intelligence (AI) disruption.

As AI gets incorporated into the way we work and live, it is touted to be a tool that transforms the way we’re working in the present day. Concerns regarding this looming shift pose a greater challenge for leaders. Along with every leader out there, even professionals working in the field need to upskill. For instance, an AI engineer or an AI specialist must have the relevant skillset the industry is looking to hire.

Leaders need to ensure they’re delivering maximum financial performance while maintaining workforce training, making investments in hiring, and adding newer technologies to boost growth and productivity. Such changes may be seemingly disturbing to compete with the business objectives making it challenging for leaders to make decisions.

However, a research team at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab has demonstrated how leaders may be able to adapt to the new transformation. By analyzing these findings, this research team has developed a roadmap that leaders can now follow while also managing profitability.

AI is still a new technology that has recently gained momentum. Therefore, navigating the AI workforce transition can get difficult for leaders, while they also need to manage how they can deliver profits. Here’s how leaders need to start unlocking productivity potential while being able to deliver business objectives as well.

Solution 1: Start investing in workforce training

Companies are not only responsible to deliver maximum shareholder value but also positively impacting stakeholders like suppliers, employees, communities, and customers. Not to mention, investing in hiring relevant talent is considered crucial in order to deliver long-term financial results.

As AI emerges to be one of the latest technology incorporated by almost every industry, millions of workers will need training or reskilling. Besides technical skills, intellectual skills will be in demand, thus, leaders and managers will need to stress their focus on preparing the workforce for the future.

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