The 5 Best Job Choices in AI By Salary and Job Prospects

2 min readFeb 19, 2021


Artificial intelligence (Al) paychecks benefit from a scarce talent and high demand. It is as per the law of supply and demand, and currently, everything related to Al is in very high demand. The salaries of Al professionals are reaching the sky height and beyond it. It is also essential to note that one Japanese company, Start Today, posted the requirement of a “genius” Al professional with a salary as high as 100 million yen — that is equal to almost 1 million USD.

Al is in demand because of the ambitious organizations considering their monetary rise due to its applicability on their data. Thus, also of its innate ability to solve the existent problems in the businesses. It is especially running at a higher pace in developed countries like the USA. As per Gartner, the big companies are expected to almost double the number of Al projects in a year and several still are planning to apply Al solutions to their problems.

The Al engineer certifications are presented by world-renowned certification bodies, such as the Artificial Intelligence Board of America and IBM. Moving forward AI professionals will need to start learning skills if they want to get started in AI.

Here are the top 10 skills that you need to learn for Al are:

1) Python

Python which was released in 1991, is a popular programming language. It is used for mathematics, software development, and system scripting.

Python can be applied -

  • On a server in order to create web applications,
  • Making use of software to create workflows,
  • To link to database systems,
  • To read and modify files,




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