QUA and Silq — The Two Most Viable Quantum Computing Languages

Quantum computing is a new, but futuristic technology, in terms of bettering the existing computing speeds. However, it’s still in the development phase, but in the next few years to come, it is going to overtake classical computing. Quantum computing, in the simplest of terms, is an area of computing that concentrates on enhancing computer technology, basis the fundamentals of quantum theory, which pertains to analyzing the behavior of material and energy on the subatomic & atomic levels. While classic computing encodes information in the form of 0 & 1 (bits), quantum computing uses qubits that could be a 0 or 1, or both together.

Quantum computers exploit intertwined quantum states that help overlap information bits to execute calculations. This makes them incomparably faster than the classical computers at performing data-crunching and mathematical calculations. Neuromorphic computing is another big technology invention that has emerged off late, which involves designing computer hardware and software in a manner that imitates the working of a human brain, thereby improving the computing power.

What is Silq?

Silq is a newly found high-level quantum programming language comprising strong static-type system. It’s in fact, the first programming language in quantum computing that has not been specifically designed in conformance to the construction and architecture of the hardware. Instead, it’s developed keeping in mind, the ease to programmers while they solve a problem using quantum computing.

Silq allows programmers to leverage the unparalleled capabilities of quantum computing much better than with the currently existing programming languages because the Silq code is fast, compact, intuitive, and away easier to understand and familiarize, for coders. As a matter of fact, Silq is the only quantum language that automatically recognizes and eliminates values that are not deemed to be important in the overall scheme of things.

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