Puzzled about Reskilling Your Employees for AI? Here is What You Need to Know

In the age that we are living in, do you which is the technology causing maximum disruption? It is Artificial Intelligence, as per Gartner’s 2019 CIO Survey. So, it is clear that AI is being adopted and implemented across a plethora of industries. But, there is one thing that is blocking organizations from embracing AI in an optimum fashion which is the lack of suitable talent. There is an insufficient supply of AI engineers and data scientists in the market which is becoming a bottleneck for industries on their way to success.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Hired, Mehul Patel, there is a 38% increase in the demand for competent data engineers along with a 27% enhancement in the demand for smart machine learning engineers, according to the new State of Software Engineer report.

Give your career a much-needed boost with Artificial Intelligence certifications from artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTIBA)

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