Move over Python Julia is the AI Engineer’s new language!

For years Python has enjoyed the cult status of ‘go-to’ language for artificial intelligence engineers and specialists. While there have been numerous languages that came up to compete with Python, they were found lacking one way or the other.

But developers all over the world, were not satisfied with just one language. That’s when few developers got together and created a new programing language — Julia. Julia was everything that was Python and much more. Definitely much more.

In fact, it was touted that Julia has a speed edge over Python and could some competition to Python. Julia — an upcoming programing language — is gradually gaining momentum with AI professionals and AI engineers.

While Python is still the favorite language, Julia is garnering some attention of few of the developers and AI professionals with its speed efficiency. Considering how Julia is gaining momentum, it won’t be long before the swords are out and battle is drawn between the two.

Julia — The Upcoming Programing Language(s) for AI!

Julia is an open-source, dynamically typed, programing language, that was designed to excel at scientific and numeral computing. Created in 2009 by a four-person team and unveiled to the public in 2012, Julia was designed to address the shortcomings in Python as well as other programing languages. It was also meant to address any shortcomings in other applications used for scientific computing and date processing.

AI Engineers and Julia: Blossoming Love Affair!

Could there be some love blossoming between the developers (AI engineers) and Julia?