Latest AI Trends You Should Watch Out for This 2020

Artificial Intelligence is new, fast-moving, and least predictable; for the field is still unraveling itself. Accenture report on AI is among the more recent ones to assert AI hold huge promises for businesses and AI professionals. The report shows by 2035, AI will become a $14 trillion economy. If achieved, this will be the biggest boost to the global economy by Industry 4.0. Another interim report by MIT task-force on Work of the Future shows AI will be instrumental in creating new and better jobs in long term, as its near and dear technologies destroy some in the short run.

Video analytics, chatbots, AI-driven personal assistants (think Alexa, Echo, etc.), are only a few illustrations of the presence of AI in our lives. And they are only the beginnings! The industry is constantly modernizing. Gartner reports

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