Is India the new Hub for AI Engineers?

Artificial intelligence has been making waves in the world for quite some time now, however, a completely new market is coming up in one of the Asian countries — India.

Yes, the industry experts along with specialists who have been watching the AI market like hawks have revealed that India is slowly opening to the wonders of artificial intelligence. Interestingly, the world had already witnessed how artificial intelligence has been disrupting the businesses globally, and now the Indian subcontinent has woken up to the magic of AI.

Artificial intelligence is nothing but the ability of machines to perform the tasks that were earlier perceived to be specifically for humans. Now as machines perform those tasks with practiced ease, the entire thing has become a reality and is no longer fiction.

In India, Hyderabad is coming up as an AI trade hub for commerce and IT is fast coming up on crucial technological advancements that is being offered to the world. Currently, different fields like healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and education are adopting AI in their day-to-day businesses to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Looking at the data of India’s IT and ITeS companies’ contributions to the data of GDP it will be found that these industries accounted for about 7.7% of the Indian GDP. Now if you consider AI single-handedly has the potential of pumping in an enormous US$957 billion by 2035.

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