How to Transition Into Becoming an AI Engineer

Artificial Intelligence has been ruling the world trade for the last ten years, and with the extent of a generation of digital data at present, it is further going to dominate international trade and business. Today, every industry across the world is leveraging AI to bring in better business results, and take advantage of the availability of digital data in abundance. AI empowers businesses take smarter decisions, and eventually, ensure obtaining better monetary results, and profits.

Above all, we are living in an era of information, wherein, the firms across industries and the globe, are full of tons of structured and unstructured data. And, that creates a big room for AI engineers to fill in. Processing the huge piles of datasets pertaining to raw data is an AI engineer’s job, and that’s why an unprecedented demand for AI professionals across the globe, especially in the U.S.

A dearth of AI Experts & the Associated Big Paychecks

As per Payscale, the median salary, an AI engineer earns in the U.S., ranges somewhere between $75k and $112k, depending on the number of years of work experience one holds. After you gain experience of more than five years, you can earn as high as $135k in the U.S.