Deep learning is a fast-growing area, where skilled professionals are required. Companies are restless in their approach to hire professionals who are equipped with deep learning, machine learning, and data science skills. According to a recent LinkedIn report, AI specialists is the fastest-growing job category in the U.S., growing 74 percent annually. The average annual salary of AI specialists is $136000.

Huge demand for AI professionals

Today AI (artificial intelligence) marks a significant shift in the industry, revolutionizing it in ways that increase productivity and efficiency of people and business operations. Organizations lacking requisite AI talent can soon find themselves losing market share if they don’t invest in AI. Data science, machine learning, and IoT are the most in-demand skills that companies are looking to hire for.

Companies especially those in retail, consumer electronics, internet, and higher education, offering employees upskill programs can help them to advance in their careers while developing key talent for the organization, increasing talent retention among companies. Tech professionals lacking these skills will find themselves at a professional disadvantage.

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