How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World

From pre-flight smart airport guides to holographic receptionists sitting in lounges, travelers on Japanese airlines are starting to experience artificial intelligence (AI) at new levels.

The pandemic has triggered a closer look at how AI is going to rule the world. The technology replicates human tasks faster than we’ve imagined. Not only did AI improved the ability to help reduce the impact caused by the infectious virus but also enabled better decision making. AI and machine learning hold great promises in adopting newer models and techniques to help avoid future pandemics.

echnology is changing, people are changing and so are the skills. AI engineers need a quicker way to transform and stay relevant to ongoing trends. Every organization needs to update its business strategies. The field of AI never looked so promising — here are seven convincing ways of how AI is going to change the world in the below sectors such as:

Healthcare: What could be the greatest example we’ve just experienced amid the pandemic. Before the pandemic crisis, the healthcare sector had been struggling to accelerate the usage of AI applications, but things turned differently after the spread of COVID-19. The used cases that emerged during the crisis revealed what AI can do.

From making predictions of where and when COVID-19 can spread to eliminate gaps while taking care of patients, AI has solved the sector’s biggest challenges.

Manufacturing: Humans along with AI-powered robots are now performing limited tasks involving stacking and assembling while predictive analysis sensors keep the equipment up and running.

Education: The global AI market in the education sector is estimated to reach USD 5.80 billion by 2025, a report by Market Research Engine. AI has drastically changed the way we teach and learn. From smart content to personalized learning, technology has taken the education world by storm. The other examples include:

  • Smart tutors and personalization
  • Automation of administrative tasks
  • Virtual lectures and learning environment
  • AI-powered assistants
  • Monitor each student’s performance
  • Automating grading

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