GPT-3: The Next Revolution in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 also referred to as GPT-3 is the next big revolution in artificial intelligence (AI).

In 2018, a startup, OpenAI was the first to create the autoregressive language model. GPT-3 was deemed to be the largest autoregressive language. The program has been trained regressively on approximately 45 terabytes of text data which has been processed through 175 billion parameters.

These models have known to use a large amount of data from the internet, one of the major reasons that give them the advantage to generate human-like texts. What’s even more interesting is the third version of the GPT model, i.e. GPT-3. Ever since its emergence, the model has created quite a buzz within the developer community.

People started posting tweets mentioning the applications they developed using the GPT-3 API. Though it is still in its beta phase, the API is available once the request is accepted. A great example built using this model was a layout generator. You just need to describe the type of layout you require and the JSX code is developed.

What exactly is Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3?

The GPT-3 program generates texts using algorithms that have already been pre-trained. Wherein the data is already fed into the program, all they need to do is to carry out the specific task.

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is commissioned to be one of the most powerful language models ever created, thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence.

The second model (GPT-2) was released last year where it showed certain convincing streams of text within different ranges of style resulted at the opening of a sentence. However, GPT-3 is a much better version of GPT-2, which is why it is the talk of the town. Undoubtedly the third version of the program has a better AI and this is what makes it significant from the other models. GPT-3 also has a hundred times the database GPT-2 had.

The model shares a unique feature that makes it difficult to differentiate whether the text is written by a human or an AI.

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