Combat the World of Machine Learning by Choosing These Top 5 Career Paths

Machine learning jobs has been considered as one of the most sought after jobs by most industries. The job role such as ML engineer offers lucrative salary packages with a promising career.

The machine learning field is one of the fastest-growing domains in the current technology industry.

According to Indeed, a machine learning engineer has topped to be one of the best jobs in 2019 with a growth of 344 percent.

  1. Machine learning engineer

The job role: An ML engineer is solely responsible for designing and implementing new machine learning algorithms and collaborate closely with the product development teams. The individual must also implement open source and proprietary algorithms in order to handle and process the data. AI/ML engineers, and machine learning specialists are also expected to conduct data modeling and data. evaluation. The majority of these engineers are responsible for building efficient and self-learning applications by conducting statistical analysis and then fine-tuning using the test results. Their job description is also to train and retrain the systems whenever necessary.

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