Are You Looking to be Well-Paid in 2020? AI Engineer is Your Go-To Job

The AI’s implication on the labor market has taken the world by storm.

According to the 2020 report by LinkedIn, AI professionals such as AI specialists topped the rank of earning a flattering salary package. The report also said AI specialists’ projects to be the top emerging job in eight countries and the top ten in another five countries. Perhaps this might be the year that will be taken over by AI.

Besides LinkedIn, Indeed listed machine learning engineer as the number one job of the year, citing a growth of 344 percent hike within the past few years.

AI professionals typically an AI researcher, an AI engineer, or an AI specialist that emphasizes on AI and machine learning are the kind of jobs a budding professional should get into in 2020. Getting into any one of these job roles will be a good piece of fortune for your AI career.

Artificial intelligence is not underway, it is here, in the present.

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