AI jobs trends to Watchout in 2021

Increasingly, businesses are moving to artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies are proving to be the go-to technologies for businesses to improve business efficiency and productivity. Banking, public safety, healthcare, and nearly every other sector is either in the planning or implementing phase of artificial intelligence.

The reliance on artificial intelligence and related technologies among companies is increasing. According to an IDC report, three — quarters of commercial enterprise applications could lean on AI by next year. Another Analytics Insight report projects more than 20 million available jobs in artificial intelligence by 2023.

Growing demand for AI professionals

As businesses increasingly realize the need for AI and AI-powered applications at work, the demand for AI professionals is increasing. Given the transformational nature of AI and ML, specialists equipped with the right skills and knowledge will find themselves with job opportunities in a wide range of industries. What’s more, a global skills gap in technologies means qualified applicants can expect good salaries and a strong bargaining position.

In 2021, there will be growing opportunities for AI and ML specialists in public safety, banking, fintech, and healthcare, says Gus Walker, Director of Product at Veritone. These industries have the money to invest and see the investment pay off fast, Gus adds.

Further, the pandemic has caused industries to step back and see how AI and ML can help them rebuild or adjust to the new normal. Data collection and preparation and data analytics could become the most in-demand skills while hiring for artificial intelligence.

Companies increasingly require individuals who can identify correct training data and annotate data accurately. Businesses need talent data that can maintain growing training sets and analyze the data to create targeted datasets for customized model generation.

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