Artificial Intelligence is an increasingly growing field in engineering. The skill to impart human capabilities to machines. According to Statists, the AI market is expected to grow 120 percent by 2025. Further, an Accenture research says that AI could double economic growth rates in twelve developed economies by 2035. Further, the report projects that it can increase labor productivity up to 40 percent and make people more efficient in use of their time.

Overall, there has been multiple sources that have said AI to be a game changer in the coming time.

In a nutshell, Artificial intelligence is used to describe multiple technologies, which includes machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and more. AI finds use in every industry and has been on the path to transforming each one and increase more productivity.

AI Engineers are in huge demand across the world. However, there has been a huge gap in the supply of engineers. Companies are struggling to fill the positions that require AI skills.
According to Indeed, the demand for AI related jobs almost doubled in the past three years. The jobs include roles such as Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Corporate Analytics Manager and others.

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