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Data science is a booming field, it’s offering businesses what they had been always been seeking for years — a distinct competitive advantage. Imagine, as a business entity, you have a large pool of business-specific data that you can use to extract insights from. Leveraging data analytics tactics, you can find patterns in the available data, and the basis that, can draw some useful business insights. If you are new to data science, consider it as a field of study that deals in data analysis, data engineering, data visualization, machine learning, and other similar concepts.

Let’s consider an example, you have a dataset that is huge, let’ say 100 GB, it will take around 10 minutes to load this amount of data. In case, you make an error in the code, you will need to redo it. You are again going to wait for 10 minutes. In the said scenario, it would make a lot more sense to deploy ‘Jupyter Notebooks’ here. You can perform a code cell, interpret the output, and later, run another code cell. To execute the same in R or Python, you need the aid of Jupyter Notebooks. Although a new programming language, namely ‘Kotlin’ has emerged off late, that makes ML (machine learning) coding simpler than ever. …

Middle east is one of the top tech destinations where artificial intelligence is playing a significant role. The region is known for its oil wells, which are major contributors to the region’s economy. Slowly the economy is shifting its base from petrochemicals to technology. The region is slowly shifting its economic dependence on oil wells. According to an IDC report, spending on AI in the region is expected to grow at an annual growth of 19%. Consequently, demand for AI professionals and engineers is expected to increase further.

The growth of AI in the region has been significant. AI can be seen being used across a range of verticals in the region, including consumer, enterprise, and government activities. One of the major significant impacts of artificial intelligence can be seen in the development of smart cities in the region. Banking and retail are seeing equally strong contribution of AI. According to IDC, these sectors will account for more than 33% of investments by 2020. The federal and central government and telecommunication industry will witness significant investment in AI. …

Traditional computers have already seen their prime, and the time has come for the advent of super-fast quantum computers. The need to improve computing power had been a long-sought goal, and with the introduction of AI-powered neuromorphic chips, the time is not too far when we will see tiny computers operating at lightning speeds in the near future.

Such smart computer chips are equipped with the latest architecture that improves the processing speed and computational power by manifolds. Moore’s law says that there are fitted double the number of transistors in an integrated circuit every two years while the price gets halved. …

AI technologies are becoming standard across industries. Organizations are exploring select opportunities and implementing a few use cases while becoming an AI-fueled organization. Though this is a welcoming initiative for AI implementation, an organization must rethink the way they are implementing technology in their business so that they can be called the market makers.

It is critical to consider AI tools, machine learning techniques, and other cognitive tools to deploy systematically across every core process. Implementing AI will become a strategy and fundamental expectation in due course. …

Have you ever wondered how a camera detects objects?

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For instance, during the pandemic, the government in many parts of the world installed cameras at the airport that can detect people without a face mask and alarm the airport authority. Similarly, phone cameras can detect a face, puppy, and other objects and tell you what the object is. How does a camera do that? Or for that matter, how does your phone camera unlocks your phone only on seeing your face and not others.

A simple answer is artificial Intelligence (AI). A more thoughtful answer is image annotation.

Let me explain. …

Skilled AI engineers are a difficult-find for almost any top company, across business domains. The reason — lack of industry-specific AI skills among candidates appearing in the interviews. Hiring remotely-working AI specialists has become a trend off late in the global business landscape, given the need for Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers for industry-specific projects that last until a specific period of time. That’s a clear indication to the AI industry aspirants to develop skills keeping in mind a target industry, or business sector. …

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Machine learning (ML) or ML-powered algorithms are getting deployed in every business sector you can think of, these days. The role of ML and artificial intelligence (AI) in the functioning of our society has been on an unprecedented high off late, with new innovations getting discovered each day. From finance to healthcare, to travel, to manufacturing, AI and ML are being deployed across industry sectors, and benefitting them heavily.

If the second half of the 20th century got known for the impressive progress in web connectivity and computing power, 21st century is getting dominated by the emergence of a plethora of disruptive technologies such as ML and AI. …

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AI, off late, has gotten accepted across every industry you can think of. Disruptive tech is affecting the daily lives of people across the globe. A few examples of the same would be routed to an unknown destination using an AI-powered GPS app, switching on and off the electrical devices and gadgets using voice commands, among many others. The applications of artificial intelligence technology have now become common in a plethora of industries such as healthcare, farming, e-commerce, and automotive.

AI Tech to Soon Take Over Our Lives

There will soon come a point in our lives when we will get completely dependent on AI to perform day-to-day activities. These would comprise dependence on AI when commuting to work while a driverless car would pick up us in the morning and will park itself after dropping us at the workplace, virtual assistants waking us up in the morning, and AI robots based on data analysis helping us in our work-related decision-making. There will be a need for thousands and millions of new AI professionals in the next few years, given the degree of AI adoption across business sectors. …

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Deep learning is a fast-growing area, where skilled professionals are required. Companies are restless in their approach to hire professionals who are equipped with deep learning, machine learning, and data science skills. According to a recent LinkedIn report, AI specialists is the fastest-growing job category in the U.S., growing 74 percent annually. The average annual salary of AI specialists is $136000.

Huge demand for AI professionals

Today AI (artificial intelligence) marks a significant shift in the industry, revolutionizing it in ways that increase productivity and efficiency of people and business operations. Organizations lacking requisite AI talent can soon find themselves losing market share if they don’t invest in AI. …

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Trying to get things done alone is possible. But if you’re trying to do “great” things all by yourself, it becomes difficult.

Entering a new profession can be a daunting task, especially if it is related to the tech industry. Thus, finding a mentor who can offer guidance is invaluable. AI is everywhere. Everything we do in the present day has AI revolving around it. A great deal of job opportunity in AI is to be seen in 2021 and beyond. The technology is already transforming the global economy at large, impacting the lives of many.

As said by Dan Ayoub, General Manager of Mixed Reality Education at…



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